Friday, August 8, 2008

Shasta Pools

Shasta Pools and Spas is found by Bob Ast in 1966, and still exist until today. At first time, Bob Ast built 26 pools as his business. Then his business grow just for one year. In 1967, his brother joined him and make the business more biggest with sales surged to 235 pools, and increase to 535 pools and Shasta in 1968. So their became as Arizona's largest pool builder.

And their business still grow and live until today. Their have a good reputate and has helped over 55,000 families enjoyed the pleasure of pool ownership and the pool lifestyle.

And now his family full owner and control all of the business with Skip Ast as the President of Shasta Industries, Steve (his son) as Vice President of Sales & marketing, Jeff (his son) as Vice President of Construction. The special of Shasta pools is their grown through constant innovation and never to accepting for status quo and striving to provide astonishing services for their customers. Today Shasta have more than 600 employees, and always consists in many divisions to focus on the pool industry and a drive to be the best. If you want became part of them you visit their website, because their looking for talented people to join their team to grow their business


  1. Am i qualified to join with their business, since I just poor boy who do not have anything

  2. job dari reviewme ya bos? Bisa dapat job lagi dari kategori apa dan jam berapa? Bagi-bagi infornya bos....thanks


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