Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Facts about Jim Picollo

Nouveau Riche has been the life savior for many people you have found on your search about Nouveau Riche information. You might now suspicious how can an online university affects so many people life and whose behind this phenomenon. Nouveau Riche is an institution with the main aim to help people achieving successful real estate investing career through the education catered by the instructors as well as the facilitations available.

The man behind this institution is Jim Piccolo, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Nouveau Riche who has served this position since he co-founded it in 2000. The principles that carried out by Mr. Piccolo on his foundation are the unique combination of business leadership, experience, vision and philosophy. He also believes that building relationships and treating people fairly and with respect will bring out positive impact in our life.

There are more than 40 innovative companies has been created and acquired by Mr. Jim Piccolo in this past few years. Mr. Jim Piccolo has also acknowledged by various national publications as visionaries, innovator, and philanthropist. He also has created a charitable foundation called the Frank Edward Piccolo Foundation that supports many children’s charities and focuses on promoting volunteerism among families and youth.



  1. wah siapa ntuh kang jim picolo,yang punya sekolahnyayah, coba aku lihat kesana yah, thanks for informasinya kang, wah rame lagheee nih jobnyakang

  2. Hebat banget ya Jim Picolo bisa punya 40 perusahaan dan dermawan lagi

    Bang Tony...bisa minta dollar nya nggak ama jim picolo...he..he..he..

  3. tapi bayarannya sekarang cuman 0,5 gitu2 bro. JAdi dikit banget. nget.wakakkakak

  4. hihihi dapat job ini yap om :D


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