Thursday, January 8, 2009

Effort to be a New Rich

Success is the right for every one who want to do hard work. In centuries there have been many people reach their success by working hard. Eva Peron, Eminem, Dhirubhai Ambani, that is the example of people who success change their economics status by their hard work. Those are the people who become rich because of their own effort.

Change the economics status from low economic status is not easy, you need a really hard work to make it real. But Nouveau Riche can make your effort easier. Nouveau Riche is a France language that means new rich or new money. It can help you change your economics status by provides you business beneficial. The example is by making a university that teaches you about real estate investment strategy.

Beside that you can find other way that is provided, for example by joining the event in NR community. You can find many events in NR community web site in Nouveau Riche is also finding a kind of foundation that is for helping people or helping some charity. The name of this foundation is Frank Edward Piccolo Foundation that was found by Jim Piccolo, an entrepreneur and the co-founder of NR.



  1. mantabz... review lancar nich... hehe....

  2. lancar terus yap jobnya.sukses deh om :D

  3. I so desire of the new rich

    But how .. .. What?

    Nice tips..Thanks Master


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