Thursday, May 8, 2008

Driving And Staying In Four of Germany's Major Cities

German, who's don't know about this country? Let's I tell you a little great about German And this is all about four of German's major cities such as, Berlin, Frankfurt, Köel, and Munich.
And other side I will tell you so about make great driving on German.

Let's I tell you first about driving on German. German is one of high-speed vehicular traffic. And this vehicular traffic has a long tradition in German given that the first motorway (Autobahn) in the world. German also have the most of dense road systems in the world, and motorways have no blanket speed limit. You also will find some of the national road in German if you visit this country such as Bundesstraßen (federal road), Landesstraße (country road) or Staatsstraße (state road), and many more. So, this will bring you in new adventure of driving world if you do it on German.

If you visit German, maybe you need to find hotels for have a rest time. Don't worry, because German have many exclusive hotels with cheap prices.
You can found many hotels on special German's major cities.
If you visit Berlin city, you can found information about Berlin Hotels through your Internet connection. Just go to
All hotel information with great offer and great services available here.
Not only hotels in Berlin information available here. But other information about Köln Hotels, Frankfurt Hotels, Munich Hotels, and more hotels on German big cities.
So, don't worry about hotels information if you you have an idea visit to German.

And I'm sure you will find more excity thing on German and make a great destination travel here!


  1. kejerman mah mendingan nginep di jugendherberge (youth hostel) jauh lebih murah, dan lumayan nyaman :P

  2. @ichaawe...wah pasti udah pernah ke jerman nih?seru dong!!!yup postingan ini hanya PPP ikut permintaan advertiser soal hotelnya :)


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