Sunday, April 27, 2008

Savings Accounts

Would you like open an online Savings Accounts?
Wamu is a excellent solution for you to get saving account.
Wamu has many savings services their offer to their consumers with their spread word throught the Internet and make more people aware of Wamu services.
Some of the saving services provide by Wamu is online savings, statement savings, traditional Certificate of Deposit (CD), online CD, liquid CD and more.
Statement savings is Wamu's basic savings account. With statement savings account we can checking our Wamu's statement account by online or on a single monthly statement. And we also can transfer our fund in Wamu checking account to statement savings account with the automatic saving plan.
Wamu's traditional CD (Certificate of Deposit) offer to us a high CD interest rate, add funds with add-on feature, adjust a higher interest rate with bump rate feature, and manage our certificate of deposit with personal online banking.
With liquid CD, we can add fund up to $250,000 to our certificate of deposit account. Or we can enjoying a great rate from our certificate of deposit with avoid bank lines.
Wamu traditional CD is available for more area in your country. To find more about the country coverage by Wamu you can see it on
So, when you know more about Wamu online savings accounts, you will look and see the different about Wamu with other savings accounts that offer to you.

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  1. Pagi Ton, kok SB kamu gak bisa diisi ya? Lagi hang kali


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