Thursday, April 17, 2008

New Zealand Cheap Hotels

Did you know New Zealand? Yes this is a biggest cities and great places to stay for leisure in the world. So if you make world tour or arround the world, no reason not to visit New Zealand.
New Zealand have Many places and big cities you can to go for your vacancy, some of the big cities on New Zealand is Aucland, Wellington and Christchurch. So don't forget to visit that cities.

If you have an idea to visit New Zealand, you also can find many cheap hotels with great services on New Zealand. If you confuse and didn't know where to find cheap hotels on New Zealand, you can found it on

Ok, to inform you, here some information for you to find cheap hotels at New Zealand big cities.

1. Auckland hotels

At Auckland you can find more Auckland Hotels with cheap prices. Prices at Auckland Hotels is cheap and start from as little as USD$20.00 from base ACB (Auckland Central Backpackers).
For 4 star you can found prices from as low as USD$87.00 and you can find it on 20C Link Drive Corner of Link drive with Sunnynook road next to Burger King and Wairau Park North Shore Auckland with Aristotles North Shore Motel Auckland.
For 5 star hotels available from USD$126, and you can find it at Cnr Waterloo Quadrant & Princes St P.O.Box 3938 Auckland New Zealand with Hyatt Regency Auckland.

2. Christchurch Hotels
At Christchurch, you can find Christchurch Hotels Christchurch Hotels star from USD$21 and you can find it on 56 Cathedral Square Christchurch.
For 4 star hotels the price is as low as USD$67.00 and found it on 805 Main South Road Templeton Christchurch New Zealand and Heinek-Inn Christchurch.
For 5 star the hotels accommodation is start from USD$95.00 and found it on 8 Ballance Street NorthShore Christchurch.

3. Wellington Hotels
Here you can find Wellington Hotels with cheap prices from USD$63.00 on 118 Wakefield Street with Nomads Capital Wellington. For USD$67 you can found it at 169 The Terrace.
USD$78 at 10 Gilmer Terrace Wellington with Quest on Gilmer

So, what do you think about New Zealand? Their have a great and biggest cities in the world also have many cheap hotels with great special offer, so you also can save your money if you have time to visit New Zealand.

If you want know more informations about hotels in New Zealand just go to the website Wellington Hotels Or you can reaches them with their offices around the world
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