Monday, November 16, 2009

Forex Trading And Momentum Divergence

A disease that distributors of great suffering, if in a Live Trading
The environment is defined as "analysis paralysis", where you try too much information to decide when, trade and in what direction to take, then the overload of your charts with the indicators do not understand or try to determine read all news to try your latest news and what it means. In all areas of daily life will have problems if they try to complicate things, so that the solution to this for your business is strategies Negotiating is simple and logical to find and give you a headache or feel paralyzed not act in the situation. This strategy is called "momentum divergence and all you need is an indicator of your graphic price.

The first step is the money and time that you feel comfortable trading picks. Some people like to use short-term maps and open positions for 5 minutes to 2 hours, while others, such as keeping their stores open for 2 hours to 2 days or more. Your personal preference will determine the timetable will be placed on your table. After some table until the signals are found, you want to add a speedometer as the "stochastic oscillator" that appears below the price data assets and should come standard with each package mapping there today. This is a purely technical analysis based on the strategy, so you do not need your news reader or economic agenda for that.

Momentum is moving indicator measures the rate at which prices are now moving to the speed with which prices in the recent past, and the result is an indicator that tells you if the current market overbought or oversold. The reason for this is an important thing to know is that the foreign exchange market is not on the exchange in a trading market such as futures or commodities, you can access the price / volume data May be, but there is no way to collect these data on the foreign exchange market, the next thing is an indicator of the scale. In general, the momentum indicator is moving in sync with the price data itself, the line of the current table and the line must be drawn on the oscillator that accurately fit together.

The reason for this strategy is called "momentum divergence is" because you're trading signals in May, finding time, not identify where the price data, according to graphics oscillator. The term "difference" refers to times when prices are changing the dynamics of contrast, which means that prices are rising, despite the momentum began to fall, or the dynamics of prices continue to rise and continue to fall or move sideways. How do you understand now, perhaps as an indicator of momentum is the next best thing, price / volume information, if there is a change in momentum, but no change in the price you can predict whether the exchange rate is likely to upward or downward.

To use this strategy you want to take your picture and choose one of two configurations: either the use of dynamic pricing continues to rise, but falls, or the price continued to fall, but the momentum increase. Your input is when you identify a setup in which you feel that there is a big step in the dynamics of prices has not translated into actual performance, and serve as output signal when leaving indicator of overbought or oversold territory.

The oscillator itself gives a value of 0-100, where more than 80 indicate a rule that overbought and oversold are usually below 20 shows. If you've decided to buy the currency pair, because you want to start up, but saw no change in the price level that you have a reasonable stop-loss set and then hold the position until that cross in overbought territory and reach the top move, then close when the oscillator crosses back over the 80 mark. If you are planning to sell the currency pair, you can follow the same process would be in waiting for the signal to where you see the momentum to go lower, but no change in the price. Then you take up the oscillator falls below 20 in oversold territory to continue the trend and then quit when it topped 20.


  1. Duh bhasa inggrisq pas2an nih jdi ga pham smwx :)

  2. Duh bhasa inggrisq pas2an nih jdi ga pham smwx :)

  3. S4 kget td,kbtulan tmenq jg nmax tonijauhari.Krain ni blog pux dia.Masa sih dia udh jago bkin blog,pkirq. tp stlah liat kyax ga mukn.Kbtulan nma yg sma.Hmm..nice blog

  4. S4 kget td,kbtulan tmenq jg nmax tonijauhari.Krain ni blog pux dia.Masa sih dia udh jago bkin blog,pkirq. tp stlah liat kyax ga mukn.Kbtulan nma yg sma.Hmm..nice blog

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