Sunday, November 29, 2009

Business Value in Social Networking

Let me first say that I am a total beginner when it comes to social networks am. I am involved with LinkedIn about a year because some of my colleagues and they told me that I signed and should be. I think a Facebook account a few months ago as a means of what my daughters and their families. And I recently signed up for Twitter, because it is one of the "big three" in social networking sites.

The importance of these sites in terms of communication is amazing when you look at the numbers. To reach an audience of 50 million people, it took radio 38 years, television 13 years, the Internet 4 years and 2 years Facebook. With these statistics, it is difficult for me to ignore social networks, and that's just another fad or is new and not really relevant to business.

There were those who say the same about television, when it was in its infancy. I am satisfied with the quote from Jack Warner (Warner Brothers Studios) remembers when asked about the sound film. His reply was: "Who wants to hear all involved". We must all, therefore, taken by our paradigms of what is or is not involved in enterprises to be cautious.

Social networking is a way to market through traditional means. It allows someone like me who provides professional services to connect with people more aware than ever economically or technically feasible and other ways of traditional marketing. The bill is very simple, so I have 100 contacts in my social network and contacts with 100 contacts that can connect to communicate with me, so I have 10,000 contacts. If you go iteration, the number is 1 million contacts. By the way, are a conservative number of 100? As a newcomer on Facebook, I currently have 129 friends. My eldest daughter has her own public relations firm for more than 900 friends.

I found that social networking remains a possibility to connect with customers and potential customers. It is not so much about selling products
and provide services, but over the possibility of valuables on a continuous basis and remain in contact. However, I heard more than a marketing consultant in custody who are excessively on a social networking social networks that can overcome or a poor marketing strategy enthusiast. Whatever a company or a homeless person needs social networking are compatible with and support the overall marketing strategy of the company.

What social network is an arena of marketing affects the people? It makes companies of all types in person. No matter what product or offer your services, social networking is an opportunity for clients and potential clients within the company or organization to be seen. There is obviously a potential drawback of this transparency. It is possible to order only what they want on any subject on the Internet. Men are more often post their negative experiences than positive experiences. Social networking is a way to counteract negative publicity.

In addition to marketing, using social networks too much for recruiting new employees. It's a way to develop recommendations for positions which may be opened in your company and to receive unsolicited information about the person. Anyone who has, checked the references of a potential candidate knows that the information is distorted. No job is a candidate for an indication not gives his full solidarity with the candidate countries. Former employers are extremely cautious, for legal reasons, to provide any information about a job candidate. Social networks can provide information, both positive and negative, are not met by other means.

The information obtained will be reviewed by social networks in any way accurate. For example, I read some very negative reviews of restaurants that I personally had experiences with adults. If there is a restaurant that I was not, I'll check comments anymore, or trying to be someone who is there, just before rejecting it due to a failing grade.

There are a number of social networking sites out there right now. It's like something new that has entered a period of rapid growth by normal consolidation and rationalization. Look how different search engines, there were a few years ago and now dominated by Google.

The election, the social networking sites to be included is not an easy choice. Those are the greatest, perhaps not the best from a business perspective. For example, MySpace is the second largest behind Facebook, but it is dominated by young people was declining, because if this use.

One of my colleagues held an informal poll of its customers and contacts, and that Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and most often were used. These are the three I have decided to use it. Everyone has a different focus and purpose. LinkedIn is still useful for establishing contacts and recommendations. It's basically business people, where are the other social networking sites generally aligned. For example, if I wanted a date with someone you do not learn, I know, I was able to use LinkedIn to find people that I need to transfer. Facebook site is primarily information sharing with people what you are doing now and learn what they do update. The things you put on Facebook are the same things that you discuss with someone over a cup of coffee. Twitter is like Facebook, you can update any of these, you or your company. Twitter is the fastest growing areas on the basis of the data structure and usability.

In summary, I do not think we can afford social networks and to ignore its potential impact on each company, but as with everything we need again to be cautious and selective, as we use.


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