Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Network with Business Cards

Handing out business cards, even if it’s folded business cards at that, is part and parcel of having a business. If you want to be known and remembered, then your business card printing is important to have in your marketing arsenal. Here are 4 ways for you to effectively use your business cards for networking:

1- Never leave home without it. Before you even step out of your home, be sure you have your folded business cards with you. If you must, have a checklist which includes your cards. Bear in mind that anywhere you go and everyone you meet is an opportunity for you to give out your business card printing and to network. Even buying your usual cup of coffee at the corner can be your chance to meet with a potential client. So before you leave, ask yourself or even the people with you if you have your business cards. Always make it a habit to never leave home without your cards.

2- When mailing payments, be sure to insert your business cards in the envelope. Networking is all about getting your name out there. If other advertisements have landed inside your bill payments, why can’t you do the same? The person handling your account might have a need for your kind of service. And it would go a long way in meeting somebody who might know somebody else who might need your products and services. When you can develop the networking attitude, you will understand that the basic step to the process is to have someone you know know someone else.

3- Be mindful of proper business card manners. Giving out your folded business cards is not as simple as shoving them to your recipients. And it’s also not about you just taking it from someone else and then putting it inside your pocket right away. There’s a proper way of receiving and giving out of business cards. Every time you receive a business card, be sure to make the person who gave it to you feel important. Look at the card for a few seconds and if you can, find something that you can use as a topic of discussion. You can also write at the back side such information as the date and location so that you’ll be able to remember the person easily when it’s time for you to follow up. Then finally, you can put your card in your wallet.

4- Always give away your business cards. Don’t just let them rot in your holder or file cabinet. You had your business card printing for the sole purpose of having somebody get hold of it. Don’t save your cards just because you feel that your design is so great. You’re just hoarding them and missing out on golden opportunities to generate leads.


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