Sunday, May 3, 2009

Spanish School Buenos Aires

Do you want to learn Spanish? If you do, you have an opportunity to learn the Spanish language from the origin place of the language you want to learn. Are you wondering how? Well, what you need to do is to visit This site provides Spanish course program in the countries where Spanish becomes the native language.

GIC Argentina Spanish School was established about 10 years ago. The GIC Argentina Spanish School in Buenos Aires is located in famous place of Palacio Barolo. They offer Spanish School Buenos Aires which will be held in every Monday of the year. If you want to join the program, you only need to submit an online registration form. After receiving your program registration form, they will send you instructions on how to pay the registration fee. You will have to pay the registration fee at least three weeks before the program starts.

GIC also offers international volunteer program in Latin America. You can select the volunteer South America project from the location in the program list. Further, they also offer medical volunteer abroad from one month to four months. If you are interested with the program, you can find more information by visiting this site.


  1. how about french school?
    im so interested to learning french language..

  2. wow is nice writting sir, your write is a greats reviewer

  3. Wah saya bahasa inggris aja kebingungan apalagi spanish....

  4. wah..english-ku aja belepotan..apalagi spanish..
    yg aku tau dari bhsa spanish.. holla... real madrid, el-barca, matador..hehe

  5. Your blog load faster and your article very easy to read i will come later to reading more infomation from you. Good Job.Thanks for the sharing

  6. mampir sebentar sobat,,met kenal


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