Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wedding Party on the Beach

Wedding party is once in a lifetime. Every couple love to make their wedding party become an unforgettable party ever. You can consider beach to have your party. Just imagine both of you are on the beach with beloved people and relatives. The sunset is right behind you and the white sand under your feet. It will be such a romantic party ever. No one could ever forget about this party.

If you prefer to have the kind of the party, you will get it in Mauritius, at Grand Bay. Mauritius wedding will help you to organize your wedding party. The table will decorate with banana leaves, coconuts and loose flowers. During your wedding ceremony, you may book their local singer and guitarist for wedding march and thereafter as background music while you are taking pictures on the beach. Here, you don’t have to worry about formality of your wed. They provide Mauritius wedding formalities. For your guest, they can stay in Mauritius hotel. They can enjoy the beach with the white sand here. It will be double special occasion for your guest, attend your wedding party and holiday at the same time.

You can visit Ocean-villas.com to get the information. And look for budget hotel Mauritius. You will have unforgettable wedding party here by choosing to have the party on the beach.


  1. Most Indonesian canot afford that kind money.

    nikah gratis is oke haha

  2. wow is cool kang, btw i thing in bali we can see a beautiful paradise palece in there......

  3. wedding party di pantai? he he he budget ya

  4. Asyiiik...

    Bahan referensi baru nih...Kapan nyusul...???

  5. It is very nice if My married was conducted in such a place like that...........


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