Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Five Reasons For Blogging

Five reasons for blogging :

1. To build a bigger shopper register for an existing business

A cool way to build your database file is to bring traffic to your blog and have a free, irresistible offer. Relatives tolerate to form in their email address to receive suggest and like this your folder of prospects grows.

2. To increase sales for an existing business

The interactive character of a wordpress blog helps communiqué to involving you and your customers. You can explain to your customers the payback of your products and your customers can request you pardon? They in the vein of and even loathe concerning your stuff and service. A dialogue is opened.

3. You boast a new business and you want to put together a patron file

A blog is a quickly way to test if you can build a file of clients. If people are involved in your information they determination be happy to allocate you their send a response to address. If your in rank is helpful they will send back to your locate to get the hottest updates or they can subscribe to your RSS feed.

4. You allow a new business and you want to test if a new manufactured goods motivation promote

A wordpress blog, ever since it is an interactive website can initiate and promote a dialogue between you, the issue owner and your customer. Your shopper choice have an effect you if they reminiscent of your result - if you ask them. Your consumer will also blab you what did you say? They require or need it so with the purpose of you can found the perfect product for them.

5. To promote/publicize a hobby or special significance

Wordpress blogs can be used to collect laid back a set of like-minded individuals to share their common interests or goals. Blogs can be worn to gauge and change popular opinion. If you take a picky cause or favorite charity you can use your blog to talk nearly forthcoming procedures or judicious issues.



  1. pokoke.. The Five Reasons For Blogging...
    telah aq terapkan... dan hasilnya... ciamik...

  2. thanks mr. tony for ur information about reason of blogging, now i can understand.....about reason blogging

  3. wah kalo saya belum full untuk bisnis

  4. baru merambah ke bisnis nih bro

  5. wah... kok langsung jadi postingannya linggis... gak mudeng hehehe


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