Friday, April 25, 2008

Tim O'Reilly

If you really seriously to learn more about web design or web development and make internet basis studies, you need to learn more about web development like web 2.0, oreilly, racist, ajax, saas and more. That other important learning you also must know is about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Google, Social Media, fraud and more.
So, if you very seriously to learn about web design, web development and related with it, Tim O'Reilly can help you to make you as a professional in web categories.
So let's make tim O'Reilly shame on you.
Who is O'Reilly? O'Reilly is a website talk about hijacks web 2.0 which is free flow of information using under handed tactics, suing non-profit and getting old boys networks to do his dirty work.

O.Reilly also will help you to understand about social networking, web marketing, internet marketing, online advertising, open social, ruby on rails, federated media, and other stuff.


  1. Waduh, gaptek deh kalau urusan2 begini ini ...nggak paham...

  2. Sama mbak.. Aku juga gak ngerti..ini aku buat sembarangan soal paid review di hargai $5.10, sayang kan kalo gak di kerjain..inggrisnya pun salah2 tuh hehehe


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