Saturday, December 22, 2007


Someone got me upset and I was talking to my friend about it, and she said that I should sit down and write a love story; maybe it would make me feel better, so I did...

I miss my baby so but he's not here any more. And it's true, he's the one, who if I was getting worked up, he'd probably say something so that my anger would be directed towards him instead.

My heartthrob and soul; I miss the new meaning he puts in my life when he is around. The passage of time has made our bond stronger; our understanding of each other more deeper; our arguments longer because time has increased our knowledge of each other; our laughter more rich; our happiness more profound; our tears more poignant; our memories more nostalgic; our lives more rich because of the joy that a friendship as vibrant and fulfilling as ours brings; a friendship devoid of the illusions that lust gives, but yet filled with the mystery of love and undeniable attraction.v And yet, this is more of a dream than reality, because distance has become my worst enemy; the arm that twists the hands of fate and destiny. The realization that separation is not always a choice, but can be determined by miles and oceans, and countries and continents. The painful reality that life is not always fair and dreams are not always realized, but then the acknowledgement that all things will work out as they ought to, everything happens for a reason and maybe or maybe not, fate will unravel its cords in my favor. After all, it's no. (Dinah Hanson

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